The True Meaning of a Friend

What’s on my mind today? FRIENDS. I have to admit that I only have a few people that I truly consider to be my friend. Remember this though, “it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality”. My friends are men and women who have been around a while. They’ve been through some things with me and they are still around! We’ve gotten into trouble together. We’ve kept each others secrets despite petty little falling outs. These people were still my friends when I wasn’t doing all that great. When I didn’t have money to spend, new clothes to wear, the latest foot wear, hell even a place to sleep (that’s right, I said it.) No matter what I was going through, they stuck by me and even helped me when they could. These friends of mine…..I really really love.

Then I have those people around me who are NOT my friends. These are the people who only come around when there is something in it for them: a ride, a smoke, a few bucks, a meal, etc. They are MIA if I should ever need them and they have all the excuses in the book. These are the people or “frenemies” that talk about you behind your back as soon as you have served your purpose to them. *If you’re reading this part saying to yourself, “is she talking about me?” Most likely I am.

My advice is: SHAKE ‘EM OFF! Just because you may only have a few friends doesn’t make you any less of a good person, it just means that you’re not as popular as other people. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have quality people as friends over frenemies any day!


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