Be The Bigger Person?

As I continue to go through my journey of self-discovery and growth, I find myself confronted with other people’s idea of “being the bigger person.” Never wanting to be the one that people talk about and say, “she is so immature” or “she has no regard for other people” I have (even very recently) gone against my gut feeling and been the “bigger person.” If someone just stops speaking to me or just out of the blue decides that they are angry with me, I listened to others tell me that maybe I should be the one to reach out. Maybe I should be the one to try to smooth things over as if I did something to the other person that warrants me having to go out of my way to be nice. Every single time that I have done this I have been left feeling as if I would have been better off leaving things the way that they were. It’s quite funny that people make up all sorts of excuses not to bother with you when they just don’t want to be bothered with you isn’t it? I love the way they always try to make it seem as if YOU have done something wrong when in reality, you have done nothing wrong. If you are the type of person to look at yourself when someone points the finger at you and immediately say, “dang maybe it was me” STOP IT!! Do not allow others to make you feel as if something is wrong with you and that you are crazy simply because they do not want to like you. I, myself dear am NOT going to be the one to take responsibility for other people’s short comings any longer and neither should you. Sometimes being the bigger person means to simply let the bullshit roll off your back. You don’t want to speak? Okay. Guess what? My mouth doesn’t work today. You can’t pick up the phone and call? Okay. My fingers are just as busted up as yours are. People love to act as if you need to kiss ass but guess what? There are no ass kissers on this side of the hood! MORAL OF THE STORY: be the BIGGER person and just do you! Don’t worry about how others view you because at the end of the day, if they don’t want to like you they won’t no matter if you keep reaching out or not.


2 thoughts on “Be The Bigger Person?

  1. Being the bigger person to me is accepting when im wrong & able to address it. If someone sevres ties with a person it cause they found no purpose for them or use in their life . Thats fine..thier choice. Aintvgot time to plead & beg ..its cool

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