I know a lot of people thinking about, talking about, and planning on marriage in the very near future. This is great. It’s lovely. It’s special. It’s tear-jerking. All that good stuff BUT are you doing it for the right reasons? People get married for all sorts of reasons including: they truly love the person they want to marry, they don’t want to be the last of their friends to get married, they don’t want to be alone, their self-esteem is low and someone appears to finally want to be with them, (for the ladies) they feel like they NEED a man to be complete. For this last reason, honey, a man will NEVER complete you BUT love for self surely will! If a person does not love themselves, how can they expect another person too? For all of my people getting ready to embark on the beautiful journey of marriage allow me to just say this: the wedding day is just that….A DAY. After that day when you are the center of attention, you look so beautiful, you get all the nice gifts, etc. you have to wake up with that person for the rest of your days. Every issue that you had with this person before the wedding day is going to still be staring you in the face the day after you are married and you wake up next to the person. If he/she was cheating on you up until the week before the wedding, guess what? He/She will cheat regardless of that piece of paper you both now have. If he/she was lazy before the wedding, guess what? He/she will still be lazy. Get my drift? I’m sure you do, so moving right along, please be 1,000% sure that this is the person that you want because just like a baby doesn’t turn a boy into a man, marriage is not going to fix all of your relationship and/or emotional problems. For those of you getting married for all the right reasons, God knows and he will bless what you are doing! I wish nothing but the best for all of you taking this big step and FYI: I want to be someone’s flower girl!!



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