The Joke’s On You

The things you’re doing only make you look weak

You’re doing negative things aimed at me

Going out of your way to be mean

Making it clear that you won’t support me

Telling lies and making up stories so that people will see

Your side of things when it concerns me

Rolling your eyes and stomping your feet

When people go against what you say- they like me

In all of this you’re forgetting a few things

I’m much smarter than you even thought you see

Your support I do not need and the mean things that you’re doing aren’t affecting me

I could care less about the lies you tell

Because I’m comfortable knowing the truth will prevail

You expect me to react but you don’t know me that well

I’m fine with you being the jester people point at and smirk

I sit high perched on my pedestal

Watching you make a fool as you always do

I accept we’ll never be cool

My mind is too strong for the manipulation games you pull

We’d be friends if I were as weak as you

But friends like you are dead weight and mean me no good

So I’ll sit back quietly and let you be the fool

You’ll see soon enough that the joke’s on you


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