So The Hell What Stars are Having Babies! Who Cares?

I am so sick and tired of seeing news reports on things that should not even be news. I mean, so f-ing what Jay-Z and Be-YAWN-ce are having a baby…..AND…? It’s so damn sad that people even care and not just that, that they would sit glued to the social media sites, newspapers, and television reports salivating to find out what these two non-important people are going to birth! What about wars that are taking place here and in other countries that have people dying? How about the homeless and the starving and the fact that the numbers have risen SHARPLY over the last five years? Or better yet, the recent discoveries made in the cures for cancer and HIV? Are we such a dense society that what a pregnant star is going to be pushing from between her legs is more important than these things? I sincerely hope the hell not! Just for the record, I have nothing against these stars but what they are doing will never be more important to me than the fact that when I get old enough to retire, there may be no money left to take care of me in my old age. I’m just sayin tho…….


2 thoughts on “So The Hell What Stars are Having Babies! Who Cares?

  1. LOL! Doesn’t it seem like Beyonce and Jay-Z are the first people EVER to be pregnant? I mean, because no one has ever given birth before … 😉 And, Beyonce’s milking her ‘pregnancy’ for every dollar she can possibly get. That baby’s gonna come out with fistfuls of $100 bills!

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