My Annoying Ass Neighbor!

Most of us have had neighbors that we were not particularly fond of and that we might have even wanted to kill. In my case, I guess I am lucky that this annoying lady doesn’t live right next door to me. You would have to make two turns to get to her house from mine, but this distance does not stop her antics.

There have been instances in which my husband and I get busy in life and we may go two weeks without getting the grass cut. After two weeks our grass may be about ankle length. I’ll see her old ass creeping by our home in her car looking like a shriveled up little Leprechaun, searching for her lost pot of gold in our front yard. The very next day the town is knocking at our door telling us that they received a call about our grass but that it looks fine to them. This has happened more than twenty times and I’m only counting this past year. This pisses me off because I don’t want the town knocking at my door for any reason when I know that my family is pretty quiet and we don’t bother anyone.

We also had some next door neighbors who are military (like my husband) and who were very nice people. They had these beautiful bushes on their side of the fence in their backyard that hung over into our back yard. We had no problem with this because it provided a bit of privacy and as I stated, they were pretty. That old bitty went and called the town on them and had them fined $2500 plus they had to cut the bushes down. First of all, why the hell is your behind creeping into people’s yards looking over their fences into their backyards?

This woman is the neighbor from hell and I find it interesting that no one egged her house on Halloween. I have resolved that if I catch her peeking her old, wrinkled head over my fences, I will quietly creep into my backyard and let my Pit bull off the chain to fix her nosey ass! Not really but it’s nice to dream…………

What would you do or what have you done to deal with horrible neighbors?


Truth With No Chaser

  In my opinion, the holidays are all about family and enjoying each other; making memories and loving on one another. As it gets closer to Christmas and also as I get older, I find myself thinking more about my mortality and the fact that one day I’m going to have to leave this place; leaving behind one of the things most precious to me, my family. I have always considered my family to be a close family and that they are the best bunch of folks I’ve ever known. My family is funny, some are supportive, some are loving, some are wise, and some I want to slap on a daily basis (with love of course!)

I find myself reaching out to members of my family and trying to get closer to them because I fear that we may run out of time. It’s always the case that someone close to us dies and we end up regretting that we didn’t spend more time with them or we wish we would have said something to them that we’ve always wanted to say.

What I’m realizing now is that not all of my family members think and feel the way that I do. You’ve got some that never call or answer their phones when you call them. In my mind they want me to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they do not and will not make time for me in their day. I am not important enough for them to hold a five minute phone conversation with. I wonder what their regret will be if our time gets cut short?

Some hold their friends closer to them and push their family away, which is a hurtful thing. This can be especially hurtful when you are reaching out and making an attempt to forge relationships and getting smacked down. I wonder what their regret will be if our time gets cut short?

Now maybe I have done something in my past that offended or hurt one of my family members. It would be understandable that the person may not want to deal, but then they have to ask themselves: Is what my family member did to me worth treating them like crap? If you believe that it is worth it, by all means, continue to be a bitch.

I am being pushed away on so many different levels, as I am sure most of us have experienced this at one time or another, and the only thing I can say is: I wonder what their regret will be? I have decided that one of my New Year’s resolutions will be that I will stop trying and reaching out. Sometimes you have to love people from a distance……

Happy holidays?

You Don’t Negatively Affect Me..(thank you for the material HA!)

To the ones that cringe at the sight of my name

It hurts their insides to see people supporting my growing fame

They lie and manipulate because it’s all the same

To throw me off my square is their game

There’s no sound reason for the playa hating

But a true artist doesn’t let the hating affect ‘em

I keep moving forward head held high

Strolling to my own beat

Paying you no mind

My name rings bells and it’s encased in bright lights

You’re praying to God to remove me from your sight

I’m doing all the things you’ve only ever dreamed

Just that fact alone makes you hate me more it seems

I’m laughing out loud at the jealously and envy

Thanking God for the way that you’re treating me

Because if not for that I’d probably think we are still friends

I’m glad to know that we’re not

And it doesn’t bother me in the least!

Revenge is a dish best served….HOT!

While some say that revenge is a dish best served cold, I disagree and say the complete opposite. Take for instance the story of how I taught one of my exes that dishing out hot revenge was my strong suit:

My boyfriend and I lived in a one bedroom apartment of which I was rarely there. It was my first year of college and between classes and a full-time job; I was never home until the late evening. One particular day we had an argument (of which he started) and I became so angry that I stormed out and went over to my mother’s house. I stayed the night there but when the morning came I decided that I was going to ditch work and school to go back home and talk through the issue with my mate. As I bounded up the stairs leading to our unit, it sounded as if he wasn’t the only person in my place. I inserted the key and unlocked the door but before walking in, opened the door a tad and peeked through a little crack. I saw him lying on his back with a female straddling him. My first reaction was to barge in and give them a good tongue-lashing, but then I thought better of it…I had an idea. I closed the door and walked around to the back of the building so that I could come into the apartment through the back door undetected. Tip-toeing around the kitchen, I patiently waited as I let the pot on the stove boil and I cooked up a nice pot of grits. Knowing that he liked his grits with sugar and butter, of course I fixed it up real nice. Taking the pot by the handle, I crept into the living room where they were so enthralled in one another and stood over them taking aim. I threw the contents of the pot as if I was a pitcher for my favorite team the Yankees. The steamy grits landed on both unsuspecting bodies and I shouted, “Here’s breakfast! Thought you guys might be a little hungry!” As they jumped up and howled out in pain, I laughed so hard that I fell to my knees holding my belly. Here were these two mutha-suckas hopping and jumping around with white, hot, steamy grits sticking to their skin. Him with his ‘Johnson’ swinging around like it was trying to detach itself from his body…CLASSIC!

Needless to say that I moved out as they were still hopping around trying to cool their skin off. He told the story to anyone that would listen AND told the officers that came out after I was gone that he was ABUSED UNPROVOKED. I paid a $50 fine and smirked at him in court. My parting words to him outside of the courtroom were, “Revenge is a dish best served hot.”

Occupy Wall St./Occupy Everything!

For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the past two months…..this is a colossal deal happening right now. A lot of what you read will say that the occupiers are not making any demands; that no one understands what they want, but I am here to tell you that their demands  ARE very clear: stop the outsourcing of America’s jobs, stop putting all this money into political parties, we do want a country controlled by big corporations any longer, and to give the American people a way to pay their bills!

Over the past few months states across the nation have taken to the streets and “occupying” in large groups to let the government and big business know that they are tired. They are tired of big business being more important than the average American.

The occupying of Wall St. in New York has been in the news a lot lately because of the way these protesters have been treated. Earlier this week the NYPD went into Manhattan and seriously violated these peoples’ right to assemble peacefully and their right to freedom of speech. They destroyed their personal belongings, physically assaulted demonstrators, and arrested around 100 people of the Occupy Wall St. movement.

There are a few issues that I have surrounding this movement, one being that I do not understand how the government thinks that it is okay to stomp and spit on an Americans civil rights! First off, compared to any other place in this country, they should know that New Yorkers aren’t having it! They are now saying that they came into Manhattan the way that they did because it is against the law for these people to assemble with tents…..HUH? I guess that is the best reason that they could come up with?

Another issue that I have with this is that in places in the South (say for instance, Montgomery, AL or even Birmingham) there is no occupy movement and most are not even aware of what is taking place around them. The day that this monstrous behavior took place in New York, I passed a restaurant that happened to be having its grand opening and the lines were out of the door and wrapped around the building. REALLY? So these people can assemble to eat at a new restaurant but not assemble to protect their rights and demand fair
treatment by their government?

Don’t get it twisted though, they did attempt to occupy in Birmingham, AL but not many people showed up and NOT ONE PERSON stayed overnight. I also found it very interesting that I went to my scheduled morning class and asked my professor what he thought about the occupy movement and he asked me what I was talking about.

This movement is huge and it bothers me a bit that some people and some American states are not seeing it for what it is: the country taking a stand and demanding change! These brave people are demanding the change that most of us have been praying for. THANK YOU OCCUPY WALL ST. AND OCCUPY EVERYTHING!

The Beauty of Grown Women

There is this guy out there in the world and although I am not at liberty to call him out by name, he knows who he is and he is BAD NEWS! He fancies giving himself dumb ass nicknames (like sperm-a-nator, I think that’s what I heard that he was calling himself recently,) dressing well (almost like the picture down below with fresh haircuts, nice clothes, and even jewelry), having ladies take care of him, trying to manipulate anyone (especially a female) that he comes into contact with, and worst of all, having children that he will not support.

THE BACKGROUND: To my knowledge he has five children (six counting the one who is deceased) of whom he supports not-a-one. If he should impregnate a female, he tells her from the beginning that he is not ready to be a father and he does not want to be a father. The way I figure it, he feels that by telling them this, he is absolved of any wrong-doing when he does not support what he helped to create. He lost one of his children years ago when the child was six months old and he told the mother of the child that he was not going to help pay for the child’s headstone because it was not ordered through the court. *stares blankly at the screen* Really? He also told all of the mothers of his children not to communicate with one another. He is not interested in the children forging relationships with one another and keeping in contact. His mentality is that there is nothing for these three women to talk about. *Let’s all scream dumbass together on the count of three.*

PRESENT DAY: The women have defied ol’ Mister Magic Stick’s rules! These three women have kept in contact, helped one another out in court with child support cases involving him, and have kept one another strong when needed. These women are the picture of how strong, classy, and mature females look and act. They go against the grain because society would have them fighting and trying to kill one another. I’m sure that is how Mr. Bad Sperm Donor would have them. They have taken care of their children and in the words of one of the mothers, “Turned something beautiful into what could have been a disaster.” Yes we can bash this guy all damn day but the real blog-worthy topic here is the beauty of the women who came together to do what they had to do. I’m
sure that it wasn’t easy, but cheers to helping to break the cycle! The cycle of men and women teaching their sons and daughters that this kind of behavior is okay. No matter what reasons one may have, it is NOT okay to bring children into the world that you will not support emotionally, financially, and in any other way that the child may need you. What you ladies are doing is not going unnoticed AND because of the behavior exhibited by you, all of the children involved are safe from growing up and learning the
lesson that their sperm donor is trying to teach them early on –that he doesn’t love them like he should and that he could really care less about their well-being (which may possibly have some long-term effects on the children.)
Hats off to you ladies!

Facebook Peeves

Social networking has become a major part of society and I must admit that it is nothing short of entertaining at its best but it pisses me off at its worse! Let’s just roll with the example of Facebook right now because that’s what most people are using. This site is great in the way that it makes it possible for people to keep up with their friends and family that they do not get to see on a daily basis, and it helps us all to re-connect with people that we have not seen in years. Some people have great pages that they post nothing but positive things on and it’s refreshing to read but other people have nothing good to post….EVER! Not only do they never have anything good to say, but they always complain and put ALL of their business out there for the world to see. Honestly, I really don’t give a crap that you’re going to yet ANOTHER bar this weekend, that you got a promotion at work, that you are in a sexual relationship with yet ANOTHER guy, that you got a new pair of fucking shoes, that you have your period this week…none of that shit is important and NO the world really doesn’t care. Another thing that pisses me off about social networking and Facebook in particular is that people have 5,0000,573,483,8464 pictures of the same pose. Uhm. Really? First off, nobody is taking all of that time out of their lives to look at all of those damn pictures. Second, you have nothing to do with your life besides take a bunch of non-important pictures of yourself in a damn bathroom mirror?

Third, why in the hell must you “tag” me in every single got damn one of them? Granted you are wearing different clothes and your hair may be different, but the fact is that I get the point after you tag me in the first one…..YOU LOOK THE FUCKING SAME IN ALL OF THEM.

Finally my biggest pet peeve about Facebook: there is always some corn ball (a wack ass person) on your friends list that thinks every status you post is about them:

FB status: I love it when I am being me, because it seems to be pissing off all the right people. 🙂

A corn balls comment: I hope you’re not talking about me! 😦

So you’re saying that I have nothing better to do but post statuses about you? Get a grip psycho! Matter of fact: DELETE DELETE DELETE because you’re not about to press me about what the hell is on MY personal page.