Cry Me a Damn River!

Have you ever been so head-over-heels for someone and then when you see them later in life you’re so disappointed at your choice that you throw up a little bit in your throat? This is what happened to me very recently! I ran into one of my old flames and couldn’t believe how I had ever even found them in any way attractive. The kicker was that when he added me on Facebook, I didn’t expect to laugh so hard at what I saw; tears of utter JOY ran down my cheeks as I threw back my head and had one of those belly laughs. He had apparently had a baby and from the statuses he was putting up, I could tell that his “baby mama” was done with him which was making him sad. All of his statuses had to do with missing her, how much he loved her, and so on. I almost peed my pj’s from laughing so hard (yes I know that it was mean and I ought to be ashamed of myself- but IM NOT!). This was a man who would move out of our home every month when it became time to pay the bills. He would pick this big fight and all of a sudden, he’s got to go back to live with his family, leaving me to have to pay all the bills. This very same man would disappear for weeks at a time while I’m at home calling the hospitals to make sure that he wasn’t dead. Okay granted I should have known better but I was young, what can I say? Needless to say, now I am married and someone is taking him through some
bullshit just like he took me through and I couldn’t be happier! Do you think I’m wrong?


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