Those Got Damn In-Laws!

Let me start by saying this: if your in-laws don’t like you, to hell with them because what they don’t realize is that THEY DON’T EVEN MATTER! For most people when they think of in-laws, they don’t imagine a group of people whose main purpose in life is to make their life as uncomfortable as possible. I don’t imagine that before we get married we give much thought to the fact that for the rest of our lives we will be stuck with these God-forsaken people. Most times it’s your significant others mother whose giving you the hardest time and although most times it’s unwarranted and sad, it’s still the norm. After living a little and watching people get married, I have learned that the in-laws strive and have the potential to outright ruin a marriage (if the married couple lets them). Now there are tons of reasons for this and some of those reasons include: 1) jealousy 2) envy 3) childishness. Some of these mothers out here don’t understand that the wife can never replace her in the son/daughters life and most don’t want to replace her but she’s so jealous that her child has found someone to be happy with that is not her, that she can’t see the damn forest for the trees. If that child has found someone that is everything that the mother is not, well then that’s where the jealousy comes from. She sees in this other person who is making her child happy, everything that she is not and will never be. If the mother is single, OH BOY watch out, “How dare he/she try to be happy when I’m not? I want what they have!” Then the childish behavior begins: telling anyone who will listen about how bad of a person their child has chosen to be with, creating fictitious events to provide evidence of their findings so that others will see their point, blatantly disrespecting their child’s mate, and even refusing to support their child in anything that he/she does because she doesn’t agree with the decision of who her child married. All I have to say is GET A FUCKING LIFE….PERFERABLY IN ANOTHER COUNTRY….PLEASE! Find something to do with your time other than trying to break apart something that you will never be able to break apart.


2 thoughts on “Those Got Damn In-Laws!

  1. It is truly a sad state of affairs when the people who are supposed to serve as a support system turn out to be the opposite. Especially when its totally unwarranted. You just gotta keep pushing. Success is the greatest revenge!

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