Truth is…..

“Truth is that I fucking hate you and I wish that you would just die already!” A bit harsh yes, but how many of us have wanted to say these very words to someone in our lives (or some form of a variation)? The answer is MANY. Most people will ignore that tiny voice in the back of their heads, screaming this at an unsuspecting person for no other reason than that it is not the “norm” to say such things. We have been taught that there are just some things that we should never say to another human being, but my question is why? Why is it not befitting to say what is on our minds? If I can’t stand the sight of someone, why is it not okay to tell them? Why should I have to keep it bottled up on the inside of my person, blood pressure rising, just because there is some unwritten rule saying that I can’t be brutally honest? Some people will say that you can say anything to a person but it’s all in the delivery. Okay. So how about, “I do not like you and I wish that you would lie down in a coffin, close your eyes and be buried.” Better? Nope! The person will get offended and upset either way (as if they didn’t know that their actions or words have pissed you off and you have no right to feel that emotion of anger) so why not just let their ass have it in the way that you want? I believe that if the world were more honest about their truth, we’d all be better off. Let’s stop pussy-footin around, faking the funk, and let’s be honest about how we feel, “I don’t like you so get the hell out of my face talking to me like we’re cool.” Thank you…..that is all…..

*Dont take this post too literally, I’m attempting to make a point, please dont miss it!*


3 thoughts on “Truth is…..

  1. Some people rather be phony and fake then to actually tell a person how they really feel about them. And some other are just scared I guess. Big punks in my opinion.

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