“Girl…You Can Get It!”

Although I am well aware that sluts do exist all over the world, I was still very surprised to see how they respond to my brother-in-law Giovanni Marcellus’ pick up line, “Girl….you can get it!” When he told me that the line actually works, I of course called him a liar and told him that he would have to prove it to me. We took a ride to a fast food joint and when the girl who was working the drive thru came to the window he spit the line at her, “Girl….you can get it!” To my utter surprise, she smiled, blushed and even had the nerve to stutter over her words. She began to bat her eyes at him and her eyes got this hungry predatory look in them (which I could only guess was maybe because she was really REALLY horny?) This wasn’t proof enough for me that his corny line actually worked and I said as much to my brother-in-law. The next day we took another ride to another location and he again hit another chick with that crazy ass line, “Girl….you can get it!” Again it worked; she smiled really big and straightened out her back, looking at him as if he was the finest thing she has ever seen. Needless to say that my jaw hit the damn ground! I mean, were these females serious? Granted he was being completely honest about what his intentions were and there is nothing wrong with a female simply wanting sex and nothing more, but damn. Their reactions were so stunning to me I guess because they were acting as if he said, “Girl, I want to take you home to meet my folks.” Or, “Girl, I want to make you the happiest you have ever been in your whole life by granting your every wish.” As a female watching all of this, I can think nothing but that they have no standards, morals, values, just nothing because how can someone telling you that you are fuckable make you that damn happy? Giovanni is not really any better because he is proudly and confidently delivering this line BUT can we really blame him? My mother always said that a man is only going to do and say to you the things that you allow- and these females are allowing him to speak to them this way…..so……..It’s funny how the times have changed because back in my grandparents’ time, men actually had to work for the NaNa (my name for the va-jay-jay.) Today, give a girl a cheesy ass pickup line, a bag of $.25 potato chips and a blunt and you’re in there like swimwear! Ladies: let’s take it back to making these men work for our honey-dip, our sugar cane, our OH SO SWEET VA-JAY-JAY!


12 thoughts on ““Girl…You Can Get It!”

  1. Y look so shocked? Women like good sex as much as men. Who am I 2 deny them of the pleasure and fulfillment my magic stick can provide.

  2. Its weird that women find that flattering. That actually happened to me this weekend. I thought the guy was crazy & slutty. Since when this was the move. I still like the whole cheesy approaches

  3. The truth of it is women lik this type of thing. They go 2 da extreme 2 make themselves look so beautiful just 2 get attention ( good or bad). It’s no disrespect intended. But I hav 2 b brutally honest wen I c a sexxxy woman and I tell her she can get it

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