Facebook Peeves

Social networking has become a major part of society and I must admit that it is nothing short of entertaining at its best but it pisses me off at its worse! Let’s just roll with the example of Facebook right now because that’s what most people are using. This site is great in the way that it makes it possible for people to keep up with their friends and family that they do not get to see on a daily basis, and it helps us all to re-connect with people that we have not seen in years. Some people have great pages that they post nothing but positive things on and it’s refreshing to read but other people have nothing good to post….EVER! Not only do they never have anything good to say, but they always complain and put ALL of their business out there for the world to see. Honestly, I really don’t give a crap that you’re going to yet ANOTHER bar this weekend, that you got a promotion at work, that you are in a sexual relationship with yet ANOTHER guy, that you got a new pair of fucking shoes, that you have your period this week…none of that shit is important and NO the world really doesn’t care. Another thing that pisses me off about social networking and Facebook in particular is that people have 5,0000,573,483,8464 pictures of the same pose. Uhm. Really? First off, nobody is taking all of that time out of their lives to look at all of those damn pictures. Second, you have nothing to do with your life besides take a bunch of non-important pictures of yourself in a damn bathroom mirror?

Third, why in the hell must you “tag” me in every single got damn one of them? Granted you are wearing different clothes and your hair may be different, but the fact is that I get the point after you tag me in the first one…..YOU LOOK THE FUCKING SAME IN ALL OF THEM.

Finally my biggest pet peeve about Facebook: there is always some corn ball (a wack ass person) on your friends list that thinks every status you post is about them:

FB status: I love it when I am being me, because it seems to be pissing off all the right people. 🙂

A corn balls comment: I hope you’re not talking about me! 😦

So you’re saying that I have nothing better to do but post statuses about you? Get a grip psycho! Matter of fact: DELETE DELETE DELETE because you’re not about to press me about what the hell is on MY personal page.


6 thoughts on “Facebook Peeves

  1. Ms poetress i love that you are straight to the point. Lord knows we need more people like that. Lola, i dont think its being nosy. If somebody puts it on facebook then they want you to know.. Thats my conclusion 🙂

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