The Beauty of Grown Women

There is this guy out there in the world and although I am not at liberty to call him out by name, he knows who he is and he is BAD NEWS! He fancies giving himself dumb ass nicknames (like sperm-a-nator, I think that’s what I heard that he was calling himself recently,) dressing well (almost like the picture down below with fresh haircuts, nice clothes, and even jewelry), having ladies take care of him, trying to manipulate anyone (especially a female) that he comes into contact with, and worst of all, having children that he will not support.

THE BACKGROUND: To my knowledge he has five children (six counting the one who is deceased) of whom he supports not-a-one. If he should impregnate a female, he tells her from the beginning that he is not ready to be a father and he does not want to be a father. The way I figure it, he feels that by telling them this, he is absolved of any wrong-doing when he does not support what he helped to create. He lost one of his children years ago when the child was six months old and he told the mother of the child that he was not going to help pay for the child’s headstone because it was not ordered through the court. *stares blankly at the screen* Really? He also told all of the mothers of his children not to communicate with one another. He is not interested in the children forging relationships with one another and keeping in contact. His mentality is that there is nothing for these three women to talk about. *Let’s all scream dumbass together on the count of three.*

PRESENT DAY: The women have defied ol’ Mister Magic Stick’s rules! These three women have kept in contact, helped one another out in court with child support cases involving him, and have kept one another strong when needed. These women are the picture of how strong, classy, and mature females look and act. They go against the grain because society would have them fighting and trying to kill one another. I’m sure that is how Mr. Bad Sperm Donor would have them. They have taken care of their children and in the words of one of the mothers, “Turned something beautiful into what could have been a disaster.” Yes we can bash this guy all damn day but the real blog-worthy topic here is the beauty of the women who came together to do what they had to do. I’m
sure that it wasn’t easy, but cheers to helping to break the cycle! The cycle of men and women teaching their sons and daughters that this kind of behavior is okay. No matter what reasons one may have, it is NOT okay to bring children into the world that you will not support emotionally, financially, and in any other way that the child may need you. What you ladies are doing is not going unnoticed AND because of the behavior exhibited by you, all of the children involved are safe from growing up and learning the
lesson that their sperm donor is trying to teach them early on –that he doesn’t love them like he should and that he could really care less about their well-being (which may possibly have some long-term effects on the children.)
Hats off to you ladies!


5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Grown Women

  1. I couldn’t have said it better. It is a beautiful thing that has been done. It is something that defied all odds. Yet maturity, intelligence and motherhood kicked in. And Lord knows that motherhood above all things will kick a “sperm-a-nator”‘s a$$ any day! Lol. Hats off to you mama for such a poetic blog among MANY other things!

  2. i love the view you took on this that yes the guys an idiot i think everywould agree but these women are amazing for banding together and helping each other out in a postive way. thanks for sharing

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