My Annoying Ass Neighbor!

Most of us have had neighbors that we were not particularly fond of and that we might have even wanted to kill. In my case, I guess I am lucky that this annoying lady doesn’t live right next door to me. You would have to make two turns to get to her house from mine, but this distance does not stop her antics.

There have been instances in which my husband and I get busy in life and we may go two weeks without getting the grass cut. After two weeks our grass may be about ankle length. I’ll see her old ass creeping by our home in her car looking like a shriveled up little Leprechaun, searching for her lost pot of gold in our front yard. The very next day the town is knocking at our door telling us that they received a call about our grass but that it looks fine to them. This has happened more than twenty times and I’m only counting this past year. This pisses me off because I don’t want the town knocking at my door for any reason when I know that my family is pretty quiet and we don’t bother anyone.

We also had some next door neighbors who are military (like my husband) and who were very nice people. They had these beautiful bushes on their side of the fence in their backyard that hung over into our back yard. We had no problem with this because it provided a bit of privacy and as I stated, they were pretty. That old bitty went and called the town on them and had them fined $2500 plus they had to cut the bushes down. First of all, why the hell is your behind creeping into people’s yards looking over their fences into their backyards?

This woman is the neighbor from hell and I find it interesting that no one egged her house on Halloween. I have resolved that if I catch her peeking her old, wrinkled head over my fences, I will quietly creep into my backyard and let my Pit bull off the chain to fix her nosey ass! Not really but it’s nice to dream…………

What would you do or what have you done to deal with horrible neighbors?


12 thoughts on “My Annoying Ass Neighbor!

  1. Well first of all have your husband go out in the backyard and scratch in all sorts of inappropriate places…knock on her door and tell her you’re selling vacuum cleaners, and next week knock again and tell her you’re selling insurance, and I don’t know, how about a tupperware party after that? Hehehe,
    good luck with the nosy old neighbor, heaven knows we all have one!

    Stop by her yard and make sure her place is all in order?

    • Thank you Neeks! Nice ideas!! I have indeed gone by her house to make sure she was following all of the rules. I saw a few leaves (and I do mean just A FEW) so I called the town on her. I didn’t see her for a few days after that so I did achieve something!

  2. My downstairs neighbor in my last apartment was a jerk. Loud music, parties, he even let his brother sell weed from his apartment (and this was a pretty nice building close to President Obama’s house) so traffic coming into the building all the time.

    He was in a wheelchair, so I just started to walk heavy in my place. I figured him hearing me walk would be enough to drive him crazy.

    • Thank you for reading Atticus! Our home is kept nice. We are not trashy people and we also own our home so of course we would never want to lower the value of the property. Thank you for your post! 🙂

  3. Our HOA group was like that. Thank goodness for voting people out of their volunteer patrol jobs. Every month we seemed to get a stupid letter, stating that an unamed neighbor didn’t like something about our house…the rusted chimney cap that was a trillion feet high or my husband’s car that had a flat tire. I’m like really.

  4. Take it easy there Ms. P… I can really understand the struggle though. In this life, people like those are around to remind us how not to be. I hope things will get better someday soon. Not that I have a bad wish for her or anything, lol. Maybe she’ll pack up and leave 😀

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