The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I relocated to Montgomery, Alabama from New York about 2 years ago and boy this move has opened my eyes! Being raised from up North, I am very comfortable around different races and ethnicities of people. I am very accepting of religions, ideas, and people in general who are different from me. I am also bold, strong-minded, opinionated, and motivated (which may not have anything to do with where I was raised but follow me.)

When I told all of my friends and family that I planned this move their main concern was 1) the Caucasian people in the South and their attitude towards people of color and 2) how I would deal with it. Having been down here for as long as I have, I have learned that the Caucasians are not the problem, surprisingly it’s the African American females.

When I first got down here, everywhere I went I got these mean looks from these women and I often wondered why. I finally asked someone and their answer was that because of my style of dress, I stood out like a sore thumb and I was not welcome here based on the fact that I was not originally from here. Another thing that happened often was that I would deal with people and as soon as I opened my mouth to speak, I was asked where I was from. Once I replied that I was from New York, they would suck their teeth and roll their eyes as if I had committed some transgression. I sat down with a Montgomery native female and questioned her, asking her why this was so. She replied that northern people come down to the South and always act like they are better, that we are stuck up, and rude. My response to that was, “I have not exhibited any of those things so……”

Another thing I noticed is that they have these little cliques and if one person in the group does not like you, then none of them will. Their game plan from then on is to take every single thing that you say, twist it, spread it, then smile at you like they have done nothing wrong. No matter if the truth is staring them in the face, they MUST roll with the group. It’s sad that I have not run into many African American women down here that actually think for themselves.

These childish creatures (for lack of a better term) like to “freeze you out.” If it has been deemed that no one should like you (by the leader of the pack) they will go out of their way to ignore you: they won’t speak, they won’t offer a kind smile or even a kind word. Almost as if it costs money to do these things! Here, their game plan is to make you feel so uncomfortable that you either: leave and go back to where you came from or you conform to what they want you to be.

These creatures make me embarrassed to be an African American woman! I did not come down here with the mentality that I am better than anyone and I am trying my hardest NOT to go into that mindset, but damn! If you don’t want me to think this way then start thinking for your damn self instead of forming all of your opinions, thoughts and feelings around other people! Go back to school and get educated so that you can broaden your mind-set! Stop being childish! Stop making people embarrassed to be the same race as you dammit! Get off your fat ass and food stamps and go get a damn job! Don’t choose to hate me because I want better for myself and my family!

I am positive people experience things like this all the time but I NEVER have! I come from a family and a circle of people back home who know the value of education. We don’t judge a person by their style of dress (in NY no one gives a hell what you wear because we don’t have time; we’ve got to fight rush hour traffic!) We don’t care if so-and-so doesn’t like you, if you haven’t done anything to me personally, we cool!

MORAL OF THE STORY: I hate it down here with a passion and as bad as they want the likes of me gone, I want to be gone as well!


4 thoughts on “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

  1. I have family in Alabama, every time I visit I notice that dynamic between the women down there. I spoke to my little sister about how she needs to remove herself from that mess down there. They are just mad at you because you know what real Chinese food and pizza tastes like.

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