In The News: Eddie Long & Sandusky

Most of you have heard or read about the scandal involving Bishop Eddie Long. He was accused of using his foundation as a hunting ground for molesting and having sex with young boys. His wife issued a statement last week that she was divorcing his ass. The next day she came back with a new statement saying that “Oops” she changed her mind and she would not be divorcing her little predator husband.

Let’s forget about the man Eddie Long for a minute. Let’s forget about all of the lives that he has ruined through his disgusting behavior. Let’s even forget about the victims and what they had to go through. Let’s instead focus on Mrs. Long: what the hell are you smoking woman? I don’t even see how she can “stick by her man” on this one and stay with him. I mean, does it make her feel better that he has not cheated with other women, just with little boys? Get ya mind right boo because you’re not thinking very clearly these days!

Sandusky has also been in the news with his nasty ass. He is accused of molesting young boys at the university where he worked. Really? So my son goes to college straight as an arrow and then comes homes turned out? I would have some questions! It has been reported that he said that he likes little boys and girls. Okay, this may have been misconstrued by the media but in light of things…..really Sandusky? So none of our children are safe around you? He is the type of person that you have to hide your damn pets from.

Knock. Knock.

“Whose there?”


Oh shit! Put the cat and the dog in the basement until he leaves!

What I find messed up about this one is that the dude is like 145 years old. If he is convicted he won’t even serve a quarter of his sentence because he’s half dead anyway. I think that the rightful punishment for child predators is to allow their victims to beat the shit out of them. Tie the person up to a tree and let the victim have at it until they get tired! Give them all sorts of tools, like a bat, an extension cord, a cast iron skillet, etc. and let them go to work.


4 thoughts on “In The News: Eddie Long & Sandusky

  1. A big issue is this false idea of Christianity and how it relates to Marriage…. When was the first marriage and how was it done? God when creating Adam and Eve (if you choose to believe and accept it as a creation story) did not marry the two, no ceremony, no paper, and no witnesses. IN fact he put them together and said “have sex and many children!” Thats it…. However I notice the trends in Church in which the “congregation” or the leaders of want to control and dictate what the marriage “should be.” The problem with this is everyone has their own demographics of their own relationship and what works for one may not work for the other. This fear and hate mongering based on non Christ like teachings paired with the concepts of God as an External force and grand Savior (Great white hype) instead of encouraging self reflection and the thought of God as internal working in and through us, have made people feel ostracized and has led to the DL epidemic, the child molestation and the reverse empowerment of women. I listened to Steve Harvey the other morning and the topic was ‘could you trust someone who has had a prior history of infidelity with you?” and people called in talking about “I believe in God, leave things in Gods hands and forgive and all will be fine…” I’m sorry God don’t save marriages we do, its our hard work and dedication based on our faith the applications of the laws set in place universally by the creative source we call God. We need to take a more responsible approach to God and our individual relationship with, instead of this church dictated and influenced code of “ethics.”

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