Men -Cut The Shit!

There are a few things that men do to just piss me right off. Some would say that it is rude to just walk up to someone and tell them so I decided to put it here…..

First things first….cut the shit and STOP telling tall tales about the size of your penis! You know like I know, that you aren’t anywhere near the 14 inches you keep telling people that you have swinging around in your pants. Realistically, it’s more like a Newport short cigarette!







Exhibit A: What your mind tells you that you have in your pants.

Exhibit B: What you actually have in your pants.

Just STOP it damnit!

For all that is good and holy, cut the shit and STOP leaving the damn toilet seat up when you are done with your business and for those who are too lazy to even lift the seat, STOP peeing on the damn toilet seat!

Just STOP it damnit!

Let’s just be honest, not all men are handy around the house so….cut the shit and STOP attempting to fix shit that you know damn well you can’t. I DO NOT want you to “fix” the refrigerator and all of a sudden opening the ‘fridge door activates the microwave.

Just STOP it damnit!


Cut the shit and STOP acting like you know where you are going when you are clearly lost!

“Baby we have passed Beaver street six times now…I think we are lost.”

“Can’t be! I NEVER get lost because men have a built in map. My mama always said I was always good with directions.”

“Yo damn mama aint here and I have to pee! We are lost so you need to pull over to that gas station and find out how to get where we are going.”

“WHAT? I don’t need to ask anyone how to get my lady where she needs to be…I’m the man and I got this!

Just STOP it damnit!

Cut the shit and STOP…no better yet…RETIRE the line, “Lemme just put the head in.”

We don’t want to hear that bullshit so just STOP it already!


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