Letter From a Reader (Entertainment Purposes Only)

To Melody S.

I am really enjoying your blog and I’m happy that I found it. My question to you is what am I supposed to do if there is no satisfaction in the bedroom between myself and my spouse? I am in my late 20’s and so is he. We have been together for a few years and I know that some people say that after a while it gets boring, but I just feel that we still need to be engaging in great sex. I have been faking orgasms for a while now and I’m tired of doing that. I’d like to actually have an orgasm sometime soon.


Wanting Orgasmic Pleasure

First let me say this….POOR BABY! I agree with those people that sometimes you do find that you get bored BUT that is why the both of you have to work at keeping the spice. I don’t know about you, but personally I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I am satisfied in the end.

I’m sure you are familiar with Kama Sutra but there’s really more that the two of you can do other than just new sex positions. Don’t misunderstand me, new sex positions work also! If you all have been performing straight missionary, switch it up and bend over the couch baby!

One thing that you can do is to role play. It sounds a little corny but it might actually work. You are the naughty nurse and he is a patient or something of the sort and of course you have to dress the part. Men like NEW, so making him feel like you are different (in your appearance, pulling him into the role so that he really feels as if the two of you don’t know one another, etc.) may just make him work a little harder to please you.

Seeing you in something like this will most likely get you the results that you seek!

Spontaneity is something else that you could try although you may not be as spontaneous as some of us who get a thrill from the thought alone of being caught. Go to the movies, buy tickets for a corny movie that you know a lot of people aren’t going to see, sit at the back, and be spontaneous. Make it fun and bet him that you can make him moan louder than the movie that is playing. Pull over on the side of the road one night while you all are driving and be spontaneous. Jump in the back seat and go at it like it’s your first date and you need him to wipe “the cobwebs” off of that thing. Put something in his mouth while he is sleeping and let him wake up surprised (you have a lot of body parts so be creative.)

 Now just imagine what you can put in there! ^

Don’t forget the foreplay! As I just stated, make him put something into his mouth and put something into yours. If you’re like some, then you like things with flavor. Keep tasty oils, creams, and lubricants handy.

Be creative! Let him come home from work one day to find you on the dining room table naked and covered in a flavor that he likes. If your man enjoys oxtails and white rice you need to be smothering yourself in it! if he likes peanut butter and jelly…then you know what time it is!

You can also try sitting him down and telling him what’s on your mind (although this way is not nearly as fun.) Let him know that you want more sexually and that you are also willing to give more. DO NOT TELL HIM THAT YOU HAVE BEEN FAKING IT!! This is very important because you don’t want to crush his ego.

Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Letter From a Reader (Entertainment Purposes Only)

  1. Lol I love this Mspoetress. My wife and I have been married ten years and we dealt with a similar situation. She didn’t sit me down either but I did notice when things got more interesting and you’re right, I rolled with it and now we are great. I understand what you said about the ego thing because if she came out and told me that right now Im not sure if it wouldn’t do something to me. Mspoetress remember this: you can’t please everybody! Please keep writing and posting because I enjoy your storytelling and the humor.

  2. I’m going through a similar situation but it’s a bit more complex. Though spicing things up is a solution, sometimes it doesn’t work. I think talking it out should be the first thing.

    My wife suffers from some medical issues I won’t go too far into, but it takes some serious work to get her prepared for sex. She went a long time without talking to me about it. During that time I felt undesired. Come to find out, intercourse hurt her. After talking, I made sure to always pay attention to if she were moaning or in pain, they sound similar. After two years of this, we’re still working things out.

    As much as I’d like to be spontaneous, I have to set a schedule for when we have intercourse. Though she claims that she wants to be wild and crazy, she often does things like start full conversations about her mom while flirting o_O, that lets me know she’s not ready or afraid to be hurt. With the schedule, it helps us both get in the mind state. I’m bored… for sure. But I’m trying the schedule out before investing in counseling.

    To your reader that asked the question, I just want them to know the solution can be hard or it can take some work. If you love them, go with the work. If I hadn’t spoken to my wife, she would have never gone to the hospital to get checked and things would have gotten worse.

    • Thanx for reading and responding Kashif! I’m sure my reader will appreciate your insight! I did email her my true response and it wasn’t far off from your response here! She did email me back and said that she will try talking with him about it. As for your wife talking about her mom, HILARIOUS! I invite you to stay tuned to the blog for more readers “letters.” Some of my responses are light hearted and some more serious. Please feel free to comment on anything here with an opinion!!!

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