I’ll have an Order of Acceptance Please!

Years ago I lay across my bed and wept. My heart was broken and I was confused as to where I had gone wrong. I had gone through a bad breakup with someone whom I thought had loved me. We’d been together for two years and in that time I’d done everything I thought possible to keep him happy. Out of the blue he’d decided that the relationship was over. None of my attempts to get him to change his mind had worked and I knew in my heart that the relationship I’d fought so hard to keep together had come to an end. My sister walked into the room where I lay weeping like a fool and said, “You shouldn’t lay there crying and feeling sorry. You’ve done everything you could and now it’s time to simply accept.” Years later and much wiser, I can now look back and understand exactly what she was saying.

Acceptance is one of the hardest concepts for us as humans to grasp. For most of us, accepting our circumstances and situations is a hard pill to swallow. In most circumstances, to accept something like a break up means that we have to be honest and admit that we are not perfect. That we made some mistakes. That the person is just not that into us. While all of these are painful to realize about ourselves, I believe that it is vital! If someone does something to you that hurts you, it will bring you a long way to accept that 1: it was done and 2: there is nothing that you can do to make it all better. There would be no crying oneself to sleep at night over a lost love. A person would not feel the need to harbor ill feelings towards another person and it would be a much smoother transition into moving on; all if we allowed ourselves to think rationally and accept that we can’t control everything and everyone.

Outside of gaining acceptance in relationship circumstances, we must also gain acceptance in life situations. For instance, some of us have had not so great childhoods and some of you even reading this right now are fighting things like addictions. Accept that your parents are not and never will be perfect. They have made plenty of mistakes and if given the chance, most would do things differently. Also accept that as much as your upbringing pains you still, none of us can go back to the past. Accept that what has been done has been done and that to hold on to hurt forever hurts you as a person more than you realize. Accept that there are things about you (and every other person who walks this earth) that if you had the courage, could afford to be changed. Acceptance of your past has a way of freeing us all to be the people that we are truly meant to be!

Accept responsibility! Accept that you have an addiction that hurts you and everyone around you. Accept that you are not perfect and that you have a weakness. Accept that it is going to take work to control that addiction and accept that you and only you have the power to change your situation.

Moral of the story is: acceptance will free you! It will allow you to grow and it will stop you from holding onto things that will be detrimental to your life…..it will keep you from wasting precious time and it in turn, allow you more time to concentrate on important aspects of your life…..


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