Lupus and a Baby: Miracles DO Happen!

 My husband has Lupus which is a disease that makes the body attack itself. Before the doctors knew what he was struggling with, the Lupus hit him hard and it destroyed his kidneys. He was given a few chemo treatments and we were told that if they could not stabilize him on his meds, that he could die. Presently he is on dialysis three days a week and he needs a kidney transplant. For the last few weeks we have been back and forth to doctors trying to see if I could be the match that he needs (hence why I haven’t blogged in a while.) We got the call a few days ago that I am a perfect match and that they would call us back with a date for the transplant.

 In the midst of waiting for a date, something miraculous took place. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for two years and nothing ever happened. We were told over and over again that if we did manage to become pregnant, it would be a miracle because chemo takes his chances way down. Chemo kills sperm and it could take years for the body to start making enough healthy sperm to be able to reproduce. Two days before we got the call with the date for the surgery, we found out that we are pregnant! Oh happy day! We have been on cloud nine and my husband has been telling everyone that he is going to be a dad: the cashier at the drive-thru window at Wendy’s, the occupants of the car stopped next to us at a red light, all of his Facebook friends and family, and the server who waited us on at the restaurant where he took me to celebrate on the night that we found out. Miracles do happen and sometimes doctors can be wrong!