Kidney Donor Notes #1

     I’ve decided to call my kidney donor experiences, Kidney Donor Notes. Being that I’m an author and authors take notes, I figured it’d be a fitting name for the experience I am about to have.  In approximately 21 hours I will be donating a kidney to my husband and I couldn’t be more anxious about it. Right about now you’re probably wondering how we even got here, right? See, I knew that. It’s because I’m psychic. Lol.

     My husband is a 31 year old military veteran who suffers with Lupus SLE. A few years ago the disease flared up and attacked his kidneys. Over time, his kidneys stopped working and left him having to go on dialysis. I love my husband and want nothing more than for him to live a full and happy life and why shouldn’t he? He’s such a good person and in my opinion, deserves to be given a chance. There was no hesitation in my decision to be tested for donor transplantation.

     The testing process was a bit lengthy and intrusive but I definitely appreciated the thoroughness of it all. After months of back and forth traveling between home and the hospital, countless vials of my precious blood being taken at each visit, and a few healthy lifetime changes; we were given the great news that I am a match and fit to donate. What a happy time that was!

 About 1 month after being given the great news 2 very awesome things happened almost simultaneously: we were given a transplant date AND a positive pregnancy test! We were excited about having a date because the sooner we could get the surgery done, the better it would be for him, but now we had a decision to make. We’d been told by doctors that there was a slim to no chance we’d ever conceive a child because of the chemo he’d received years ago. We were completely taken by surprise and took no time in deciding that we would put the surgery on hold to have our baby boy. Now, 15 months later, here we are!

Although I’m anxious and nervous, I’m not afraid. I trust that we are doing exactly what God wants us both to do…



10 thoughts on “Kidney Donor Notes #1

  1. Hello, and Godspeed! I am an Kidney Donor, and just celebrated my one year HERO anniversary. I was so luck as to have my first phone consultation be with someone who took ALL is time and answered my questions in an hour phone call. I new I wanted to donate to a friend I’ve known for 30 years, and started the process on the very first day of the new year 2013. From then to surgery I felt as if in a “golden” bubble. (The end was a bit different, but I’ve overcome and focus on the GOOD deed God gave me to give.) Hugs… and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a friend.

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