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Writing For Your Enjoyment

This year so far I have released 2 projects: Murderess Obsession and Marrying The Family.

Murderess Obsession is a short story I released on March 4, 2015 about a chance meeting between two people whose lives become forever changed to the point of no return.

Murderess Obsession
Murderess Obsession

I would tell you that it’s an awesome read but the reviews speak for themselves:

Kiera Northington:

“This was my first read by author Melody S. and it truly took me for a ride! This short story will literally leave you with your mouth hanging wide open! I can’t wait to read more by this author! Melody S. Hit it out the park with this one! I would love to see this author turn this into a whole book! You MUST read this, I promise you will love it! I’d recommend this to everyone who loves a thrill ride!”

Michelle Robertson:

“Love never hurt sooo good. I found this book to be pack with a lot of kick for a short read. You too will get it twisted if you don’t pay close attention.”

You can download your copy here:


In Marrying The Family, not everyone is lucky enough to inherit loving in-laws and if one is not careful, those in-laws may wreck the love between two people.

Although Ben and Brenda come from different backgrounds and upbringings, they love one another and want to live happily ever after. There’s just one big obstacle standing in the way -Ben’s family and their hatred for his better half.
Eddie adores Nadia and their love has continued to flourish in the face of being a young interracial married couple. There’s just one problem, Eddie’s family strongly dislikes Nadia and will stop at nothing to be rid of her.
Shanice thinks she and Anthony have the perfect union until she discovers her closest family member has betrayed her marriage in the worst way.

Marrying The Family
Marrying The Family

Can these three couples survive their in-laws?

Again, I would tell you how great of a read this novella is but the reviews speak louder:

Catherine Fairley:

“I confess, didn’t like this book…..no, I love this novella.

Three different couples and the trials of being in Love. There is anger, amazing love, forgiveness, bewildering people in this book.
So love how Melody S has the talent to put pen to paper with wonderful results.
I also like the diverse characters
After reading twice, I not only give Marrying The Family, five stars,
but also a standing ovation!!!!!!
Bravo, Bravo, Melody S!!!!!!”


“Three different short stories that chronicle family drama. If these stories don’t describe your relationship, I’m sure you are friends or a relative of someone going through something similar! A great, entertaining read! Leaves you wanting to read more! Can’t wait to see what Melody writes next!”

You can download your copy here: http://www.amazon.com/Marrying-Family-Melody-S-ebook/dp/B00VS1XCTQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431537034&sr=1-1&keywords=marrying+the+family

My next release is my first novel scheduled to drop in June and is titled, Hellfire From the Pulpit in which 2 pastors do everything BUT what’s right! By the end of this read you will be wishing they were real people so you can have just 5 minutes alone to teach them the error of their ways!

Hellfire From The Pulpit
Hellfire From The Pulpit

Kidney Donor Note #4

Its been one entire year since the transplant and my husband is doing very well:

  • Kidney is functioning extremely well! Creatinine level is 1.1 meaning that his new kidney is doing its job and his body isn’t rejecting it.
  • He’s been taken off of four out of five of his daily blood pressure medications.
  • Appetite has fully returned! His weight on the day of surgery was 163 lbs and he now weighs 210 lbs. Right now he claims to be on a diet……. 0_o
  • 20141230_125414
  • His energy level has significantly increased.
  • His skin color has returned back to normal and his eyes no longer appear to be sunken in.
  • There are still certain parts of the scar that are numb. We were made aware beforehand that this could possibly happen and that if it did, the chances of regaining feeling in those areas were slim.
  • The swelling around his scar has dramatically decreased.

I am also doing quite well. In fact, I’m doing so well that our baby girl just turned three months.

*Insert your happy smile.*

Now you’re staring at the screen in confusion.

……And you’ve just done the math!

We became pregnant only about one month after the surgery. It wasn’t my fault but I don’t blame my hubby for being unable to control himself. All of this sexiness? C’mon! We can all give the young man a break here. Lol.

Our only daughters name is Harmony Rain Miller and despite the warning that she could be physically deformed due to the medications we were both on, she is the most bestest, awesomest, and cutest little diva ever! She’s amazing, and tiny, and smiley, and snuggly. *insert happy sigh*

*Grudgingly shares pic*

2014-11-06 00.38.35

*Grudgingly shares another*


So the moral of the story is that a year later and we’re still WINNING! To those who have prayed for us, stuck by us, and loved on us, THANK YOU! We are so very lucky to have the support system that we do and we appreciate each and every single one of you!

Kidney Donor Notes #3

Today makes exactly 33 days since our kidney donation surgery. Since the very first, “Kidney Donor Notes” post, I’ve received tons of emails from readers with questions. I couldn’t be happier about that because the purpose behind this series of posts is to educate others about my experience. Below I’ve listed and answered frequently asked questions:

1)      Which kidney did you donate? 

I donated my left kidney. I was not given a choice because the left kidney is always the one preferred by the surgeons to be donated.

2)      What side of the body did they put the kidney into your husband?

Right side.

3)      Did they remove your husband’s old kidneys?

He still has his own kidneys because it is not normal procedure to remove the old ones.

4)       Where was your surgery performed?

Nashville, Tennessee.

5)       How long after the surgery were you allowed to shower?

The very next day.

6)      Does the surgery mean that your husband doesn’t have to do dialysis anymore?


7)      How long will the kidney last inside of your husband?

It really just depends on how well he takes care of himself and how well his doctors do at keeping the Lupus under control.

8)      Has your diet and/or lifestyle changed?

Yes it has. I’m more conscious now of the foods I eat and how much I eat because I don’t want to put any added stress on the one kidney I have.

9)      Are you going to end up on dialysis now?

NO! There is a less than 1% chance that I’ll end up on dialysis later on in my life.

10)   Does your husband have to be on anti-rejection medication for the rest of his life?


11)   You mentioned that you went through months of testing. What kind of testing did you go through?

Besides the repeated testing of my blood, I had x-rays of my chest, CT scans (2), repeated urine tests (to check for pregnancy, blood in the urine, etc.), a Pap smear, and a breast exam.

12)   Were you put on any medication and if so, how long will you have to take it?

I was put on pain meds; first Hydrocodone and then Loratabs. I took them as needed until my pain was bearable, which was about 2 weeks. I was also given stool softeners because being on pain meds can “back you up” and they wanted to be sure that when I had to go I’d be able to without using my abdomen muscles. There are no meds that I take on a consistent basis like my husband.

13)   Do you experience phantom pain?

For those who don’t know, phantom pain is pain that people feel coming from a body part that has been surgically removed. I did feel this pain for about 1 week after surgery but then it stopped.

14)    Is your sex life affected?

No. He is still the sexist man alive to me and he makes me want to go all Freak Woman (dun dun dun dunnnnnn)on him! Lol.

15)   Will you still be able to become pregnant?

Yes I will. They advise against becoming pregnant right away so that your body can have time to recover but there should be no problems if we should ever become crazy and want to reproduce again.

16)   Have you regretted your decision?

No. Not for one single second. I’d do it all over again if I had to. What greater joy is there in life than to be blessed enough to help your fellow man?

 My husband is doing really well with his new kidney! He will be getting his staples out in a few days and the stint that has been keeping the vein open connecting his new kidney to his bladder will also be removed. His blood pressure is the best it’s been in years and his skin color has brightened up. His energy level is slowly increasing and his appetite has risen to what I would consider a “normal” level.

I am also doing quite well and ready to resume my busy everyday schedule but I have been advised and then threatened to continue to take it easy. I continue to take short walks and I’m even dancing now! Eating is a different story though. Normally, I’m as greedy as greedy can get but I’ve only been eating 1-2 meals a day. Hopefully, over time I will be able to properly fuel my body without getting nauseous. My wounds are nearly all closed up and healing very nicely. All in all I’m doing really well!

I know that there were churches across the country praying for my husband and I and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful. We appreciate each and every one of you for your Get Well cards, calls, emails, texts, tweets, and Facebook posts/comments/ inboxes. Thank you to our family members who kept our boys and looked after our home while we were away. We thank each and every one of you who dropped by for a visit. Special thank you to my mom and my cousin who have both been amazing throughout this entire situation! We love you all so much and ask that you continue to pray for us as we grow stronger every day.

Until next time feel free to contact me via:

 Facebook at www.facebook.com/melodytheauthor & www.facebook.com/author.melodys

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You can also visit www.melodytheauthor.com for more information about me as an author and to read more about my titles!

Kidney Donor Notes #2

On the day of surgery we did as instructed and reported to the hospital by 6 am. My belly was in knots and my mind was racing with thoughts of our children as we made our way to the main information desk. We were met by my father and brother in law which bought our total up to 6 people. I’d imagined we’d have time to sit and chat before my husband and I were taken into the back but that wasn’t the case. We barely had time to hug and greet before we were called and the process began.

 I put on the hospital gown and the last thing I remember is chatting with my husband and family. My mother tells me that everyone was kissing me and saying they’d see me later while I was relaxed on the bed. My eyes were open and I was looking at everyone but they could tell that I wasn’t present. I even posed for pictures!

 When I came to, my throat was raw from the breathing tube that had been placed for the surgery and I was surrounded by nurses. They informed me that both surgeries were a success and that because my kidney was so perfect in function, color, and weight; that I am beautiful inside and out. My mother said that she’d been there and that I’d rubbed her face and asked her if she was okay and if she needed anything. Of course I have no memory of seeing her at all, much less speaking to her. I remember at least three different nurses telling me that they were sent by my husband to check on me. Once the nurses considered me to be alert enough, I was taken to my husband who by this time I was told had been asking for me every 5 seconds.




 I was checked into a room but my husband was taken to ICU where they said he had to stay for the duration of our hospital stay. My team of surgeons and nurses came to check on my surgery sites and to gauge the level of my pain. I have three incisions; 2 very small and 1 not so small on my abdomen area. I was surprised that the incisions didn’t look worse and thankful to know that with time, they would almost disappear.







 Eighteen hours after the surgery, my husband and I were up and about taking slow walks through the ICU together.




The surgeons reported to our families that we surprised them on a few different levels. They couldn’t explain how or why as soon as my kidney was placed inside of my husband, he was making urine; and tons of it. How were we walking laps so soon? How had our bodies basically snapped back after such a traumatic surgery? How had this man and woman matched so perfectly?



 We are now 5 days past the transplant and everything is going really well. Our pain is manageable, incisions healing nicely, the swelling in our abdomens is going down, and we walk short distances a few times a day. The only thing both my husband and I are experiencing that drives us crazy is the itching. Our incisions itch like mad and because they are still so fresh, we cannot scratch and must rub instead. My husband is urinating normally and doing great on his new medications.





Kidney Donor Notes #1

     I’ve decided to call my kidney donor experiences, Kidney Donor Notes. Being that I’m an author and authors take notes, I figured it’d be a fitting name for the experience I am about to have.  In approximately 21 hours I will be donating a kidney to my husband and I couldn’t be more anxious about it. Right about now you’re probably wondering how we even got here, right? See, I knew that. It’s because I’m psychic. Lol.

     My husband is a 31 year old military veteran who suffers with Lupus SLE. A few years ago the disease flared up and attacked his kidneys. Over time, his kidneys stopped working and left him having to go on dialysis. I love my husband and want nothing more than for him to live a full and happy life and why shouldn’t he? He’s such a good person and in my opinion, deserves to be given a chance. There was no hesitation in my decision to be tested for donor transplantation.

     The testing process was a bit lengthy and intrusive but I definitely appreciated the thoroughness of it all. After months of back and forth traveling between home and the hospital, countless vials of my precious blood being taken at each visit, and a few healthy lifetime changes; we were given the great news that I am a match and fit to donate. What a happy time that was!

 About 1 month after being given the great news 2 very awesome things happened almost simultaneously: we were given a transplant date AND a positive pregnancy test! We were excited about having a date because the sooner we could get the surgery done, the better it would be for him, but now we had a decision to make. We’d been told by doctors that there was a slim to no chance we’d ever conceive a child because of the chemo he’d received years ago. We were completely taken by surprise and took no time in deciding that we would put the surgery on hold to have our baby boy. Now, 15 months later, here we are!

Although I’m anxious and nervous, I’m not afraid. I trust that we are doing exactly what God wants us both to do…






“It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye.”

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