Hellfire From The Pulpit coming 6/15/2015

My next release will be my very first novel entitled Hellfire From The Pulpit and is under the Urban Literature genre:

Pastor Owen is well-known throughout the community and, runs the church however he sees fit. Nothing is off-limits to him, including the bevy of beautiful women in the congregation, and the endless flow of money dropping into the collection plate. The pastor does what he wants, when he wants, with whom he wants, and dares anyone to second-guess his actions.

His son, Casey, is a minister-in-training and proof that an apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree. He’s young, sexy, powerful, and very full of himself. Women everywhere throw themselves at the young pastor, and he plays them like a game of checkers, hopping from one to the other, and then dismisses them without a second thought.

What happens when the pastor’s gone wild? What happens when neither the pastor nor his son abides by the rules? Open this drama-filled read and find out whether Pastor Owen and his renegade son, Casey end up bringing hellfire upon the pulpit.

Coming 6/15/2015!

Hellfire From The Pulpit
Hellfire From The Pulpit

Enjoy a small excerpt:

The churchgoers began to take their seats and the precocious child took off at a full sprint toward his father’s office at the back of the old structure. He stopped short and listened intently to the muffled “oh’s and ah’s” coming from the other side of the flimsy closed door. He knew what was going on with the two unsuspecting adults. In fact, it was his job to alert his father when it was time for service to begin and he took his job very seriously.
As he’d done on other occasions, Casey softly turned the knob and slowly pushed the door open enough to peek through the small crack. His father’s current conquest was bent over his expansive cherrywood desk with her arms stretched out to the side of her, hanging languidly over the edges. She grunted unattractively with each powerful thrust of his father’s hips. His father was standing ramrod straight behind the pretty woman, with his head bent back and his mouth wide open as if he were waiting to catch a fly in it. Even being as young as he was, Casey could tell that his father was thoroughly enjoying himself.
Casey hurriedly closed the door when his father suddenly opened his eyes and smiled at him.
Casey softly knocked on the door with his little knuckles and receiving no response, remembered the special knock he and his father had created together just months before.
It suddenly became quiet behind the door and after a momentary pause, Casey could hear the soft rustle of clothing being moved around; most likely being straightened.
“All right, boy,” came his father’s deep baritone voice.
Casey shyly pushed the door open and stood in the doorway, peering at his father and Sunday school teacher. Ms. Gains was still buttoning her shirt and smoothed her tight skirt over her thighs, her expression sheepish as her eyes met little Casey’s penetrating stare.
“Daddy, everybody sitting down,” Casey reported.
“Okay, Case. I’m coming.”
Casey did an about-face on his heel and closed the door softly behind him. His job wasn’t done. He stood with his back to the door and looked up and down the hallway, keeping a look out for anyone coming his way. Under no circumstances would he allow anyone to come near the door. His father had been very clear in his instruction.